Sunday, May 25, 2008

To you, mother

I am not to mention the bad words
anymore because you’ve forbidden me.
You say it makes for some
very embarrassing reading
for you and for my uncles and
possibly for some cousins of mine.

So I have devised a plan. To say ‘duck’
in the place of the thing that’s done;
‘pretty’ in the place of the thing that does
and ‘pompom’ for everything else.

I want to duck duck duck

the pompom with pretty
while duck gets ducked.
O duck, but pompom got
stuck; pompomed while
pretty was being pretty.

(You should not fear for me,

mother. I will always yoke
what can be said
with what cannot be,
the worst with the best;
but you must not worry
‘coz it’s all in earnest
yet it’s all a joke.)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

'Do not caress me,' he said

‘Do not caress me,’ he said,
‘I get turned on.’
‘Do not hold my hand,’ he said,
‘for the same reason.’
‘You can kiss me on the cheek,’ he said,
‘the cheek is but friendly.’

Should I wonder
what is meant
by all that he says,
or should I
show him
behind the maze
of his words
his own intent
(which he knows

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last Night (II)

Last night
on the phone,
(what was
wrong with you?)
you told me
'Additions and
are always true.'
I am not one
among the fools.
I tried your rules.
I found out
that you and I
always add up
to more than
both of us put
separately together,
and if we try
to subtract one
from another,
the digits
stutter; numbers
do not why
they have
turned into a lie.