Wednesday, February 17, 2010

आओ सींचें सनम

आओ सींचें सनम
बातों की क्यारियाँ
हम ना बोंले तो बातें ये मुर्झायेंगी
लब्ज़ो के जाल पर
जो चढ़ें और जियें
चुप रहोगे तो मर जायेंगी

Friday, February 12, 2010


The drowsy hour is past
and I can no longer sleep.
I pull out a book but
skip too many words.
Outside, snow flakes
quietly press the ground
and your words, they
ring in the deep.
Come, love, forgetting,
if only for tonight,
how our dreams will
eventually part us.
In dim expectation
the night sky hangs low
come, love, carefully
choosing your step
the pavement's all snow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

That day

That day when I was dead tired
but you were all fired up, I tried
to make cuddling off to sleep
sound like a better option.
'Babe,' I said, spooning you
strategically, and going for the kill,
'you know how I love you,' but you,
detecting calculation and will, said
'Damn love, I'll fuck you still.'
It's so hard for me, tracing
the way my love takes its toll
it's like in the basin, foolish water
spins madly to drown in the hole.