Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kate and Kirsty

Kate thinks that in a few years
when she'll get a bit of a slouch,
she'll order around Kirsty, lying
down on her couch, 'Darling,
get some water, I'm thirsty,'
after all, she thinks, 'I'm five
years older than her, I can
always play that card.' Kate
should have thought better,
we do not grow old like this;
at thirty, twenties feel like bliss
but at sixty it seems contrived
to long to be fifty-five, they
are so much more the same.
You should've guessed it Kate,
with age, we drift nearer still,
a bit like love and hate, like
them we begin, tactless and
apart, like them we end up
too, playing each others' part.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Years before we thought

that years later, if nothing
else, we will have hindsight.
We will have years to look
back on with wonder and
regret, we will have friends,
and more, we will have love,
with beginnings and ends.
Now years have passed,
and we know that with
each year gone, we knew
a little less of the game,
we still had things wrong,
just less people to blame,
and we still had love, only
it went as it came, and we
knew one thing, to be sure,
about wanting to scream,
if you keep it in, quietly,
it comes out as a dream.