Friday, September 14, 2012


फिर न छूना था, तो एक बार छुआ हि क्यूँ
जो न होना था, वो एक बार हुआ हि क्यूँ
कुदरत ने भी लाखों बंदे मुकम्मल किये
हमको मिलना था वो एक बार मुआं हि क्यूँ
चाँद के साथ पकड़म-पकड़ाई हम करने लगे
खेल जारी रहे हो आसमां धुआं हि क्यूँ

कसर निकालने के लिए थीं और कितनी जगह
उनको मिलना था हमारा रुआं-रुआं हि क्यूँ
पास आओ, थक गए होगे, ज़रा सुस्ता लो,
अखिल, ये हमेशा चलते रहने की दुहाई क्यूँ

phir na choona tha, to ek baar chua hi kyun
jo na hona tha, wo ek baar hua hi kyun

kudrat ne bhi laakhon bande mukammal kiye
hamko milna tha wo ek baar muan hi kyun

chaand ke saath pakdam-pakdai ham karne lage
khel jaari rahe ho aasmaan dhuan hi kyun

kasar nikaalne ke liye thi aur kitni jagah
unko milna tha hamara ruan-ruan hi kyun

paas aao, thak gaye hoge, zara susta lo
akhil, ye hamesha chalte rehne ki duhai kyun

Sunday, September 9, 2012

After Dave Gorum's Chicago 09.05.12

Dave Gorum :: Chicago - 09.05.12

and because high rises at dawn
remind me of what I once saw
from a window in Manhattan,
that year
of taking the bus to smoked-up skylines,
 how things looked from there
(why if it was there alone 
I could go back),
how things looked from then,
what time returns on being called --
from then,
only the big sun could rise,
only the blue-striped promises could lay in,
from then,
only the people could wake up
from half-nights of half-sleep
into the arms of a city,
from then,
spacewalkers wipe the tears that gather in their eyes
('Tears in space don't run down your face')
from then,
only the giant feelings
of late night telly,
only the spaceships and close-ups,
only the love that is possible
on late night telly

(thanks to Drew Feustel)

Friday, September 7, 2012

When I went to Emily Dickinson’s house in Amherst

who feels herself to be Vesuvius at home
- Adrienne Rich

She let me in
her corner room,
it was small and neat
on the second floor
of her house at
280, Main Street
and as we stepped
into her room, she --
made as if to lock the door
with an imagined key,
I was a bit bewildered,
did she want me to see
that her little room
was room enough
for all the world to be,
that here, thoughts which
came, verse became, 'coz
nothing would impede ‘em?
She turned the key
and looked at me, said
‘Matty, here’s freedom.’