Friday, June 21, 2013

जब जवाँ थी

tr. from Dorothy Parker's poem 'Indian Summer'

जब जवाँ थी, तब एक आदत थी
सबको खुश करना,
हर दुसरे लड़के के संग, खुद को बदलना,
उसके रंग में ढलना।

पर अब, जैसी हूँ, वैसी ही हूँ,
अपनी मर्ज़ी की करती हूँ;
गर ऐसे ही पसंद हूँ, तो आना मेरी आड़ में
नहीं तो - ज़रा सुनो - तुम जाओ भाड़ में!

Dorothy Parker

In transliteration:

Jab Jawan thi, tab ek aadat thi
sabko khush karna,
har doosre ladke ke sang, khud to badalna
uske rang mein dhalna.

par ab, jaisi hoon, vaisi hi hoon,
apni marzi ki karti hoon;
gar aise hi pasand hoon, toh aana meri aad mein
naheen toh - zara suno - tum jaao bhaad mein!

Tarun Thapar's Punjabi Tr. of 'जब जवाँ थी'

Jad si jawan, tad ik aadat si
saariyan nu khush karan di
naal har dooje munde de, aap nu badlan di
rang ohde vich dhalan di

par hune, jivein haan oivein hi haan
apni marzi di kardi haan
je pasand haan, te aaja meri aadh ch
nahi taan zara suni, tu khoonje mar bhaad ch

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You and me

tr. from Hadi Hussain's Urdu poem 'Tum aur Main'

My life's a mug
you're like the sugar
that never dissolves.

And I
am only like the spare change
which, as soon
as you step out of the house,
you give away as alms.

Hadi Hussain

Tum aur main

Meri zindagi kay mug main
tum na haal honay wali cheeni
jaisay ho
aur main un sikkon ke manid haun
jinhain tum nay
ghar say nikaltay he
khairaat kar dia

Friday, June 7, 2013

Over the Sycamore trees


Over the Sycamore trees
the sky is murky today,
from Cairo to Delhi
we look to Turkey today.

Over the teary clouds
the word still spills out,
a fire only needs a spark
we look to Gezi Park.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

After the surgery, as the drugs wore off

he told the nurse, abruptly - 'I'm waking up, I'm not
supposed to wake up yet.'

He thought the surgery was
not yet done, and the anesthesia
was wearing off already.

That moment,
afraid they were still operating on him,
- that something had gone horribly wrong -
he thought he would, just then,
feel the scalpel against his skin,
sinking in.