Saturday, July 27, 2013

All my hopes - Mir Taqi Mir

tr. from Mir Taqi Mir's Urdu ghazal 'Ulti ho gayi sab tadbeerein'

All my hopes are overthrown
no cure will work today,
see as I said, this peevish heart
has finally had its say.

When young, I was maddened so,
when old, I shut my eyes,
as one who has a sleepless night
when morning comes, he lies.

They wrongly accuse us of freedom
we who are helpless all,
it is they who do as they like
but on us their blame would fall.

Even in my wildest days,
listen, I had some piety still,
after Him I searched all my life
though at each stop I had my fill.

To this black-and-white of the world
I have only this to say - 
I wish you knew how I lived through the night 
and how I dusked the day. 

Why ask now of Mir's faith,
why look for his belief - don't you know, 
now he wears the mark, sits in temples,
he gave up Islam long ago.

Mir Taqi Mir (ca. 1723-1810)


A.K. said...

Awwal to aap ek stanza kha gaye. Referred site mein 7 hain. Aapke 6. Thank you so much for this translation. Its my second fav ghazal. Need to check if his diwan can be added on Flipkart wishlist. :)

Wonder if I can imagine it without Begum Akhtar singing in my head.

Maaz bin Bilal said...

Brilliantly done.