Saturday, November 2, 2013

The sky is overcast: A Rondeau

tr. from Qalandar Baksh Jurrat's Urdu nazm 'Chaa rahi kaali ghata'

The sky is overcast, my heart is pain,
listen bird, why do you sing of rain?
Come here, I too suffer, why
rest on yellow fruits, when my
fever's yellow too, b'tween the twain

the only difference is, the fruit's main
life's to ripen, an' mine to live in vain.
Bird, for God's sake, will you try
- the sky is overcast -

not to sing tonight, what do you gain --
your song is him an' his memory's pain.
For years now, I looked for him, I
found nothing - they said, if you try
even God is found, even if the pane,
the sky is overcast.

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