Monday, December 9, 2013

I wish

tr. from Mangalesh Dabral's Hindi poem 'Main chahta hoon'

I wish that touch remains,
not the kind which, bruising shoulders
passes like a tyrant,
but one which after a strange journey
is like reaching an edge of the earth.

I wish that taste remains
beyond sweetness or bitterness,
one which does not eat into things
but is instead like an effort 
to save them.

I wish a simple sentence remains,
like, for example, we are human beings,
I wish the truth of this sentence remains -
the slogan I hear on the streets
may it remain, along with what it says.
I wish despair remains 
that again gives birth 
to hope, for us,
may words remain
which, like birds, cannot be caught,
I wish childishness remains in love,
some shame remain in poets.

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