Sunday, January 5, 2014

If the word gets out

tr. from Kafeel Aazer's Urdu poem 'Baat niklegi'

If the word gets out, they will all talk,
they will all ask you why you're blue,
and expect to know what troubles you.

They will point fingers at your unkempt hair,
they will once look at the years gone by
and scoff at your bangles and keep an eye
on your trembling hands.

People are cruel, they will mock every thing you do
and casually they'll bring me into what they say -
don't let what they say of me at all affect you,
or they will find a trace of all we've hidden
so far, written on your face.

Whatever happens, do not ask them things
and see - never ask of me.

(thanks to Ranjani Prasad and Afzal Mohammed)


Doog said...

'Baat niklegi..' is one of my Father's favourite songs. And growing up, every time I heard him sing it (we had a Jagjit Singh track too), I always thought these were really neat lyrics. Learnt only today that there's an Urdu poet behind them.
So honestly happy to discover this post, love what you're doing here.

Doog said...
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Doog said...

I'm going to let myself shamelessly make a request for whenever you're able to find the time.