Monday, April 28, 2014

I will meet you again - Amrita Pritam

tr. from Amrita Pritam's Punjabi poem 'Main tenu phir milangi'

 I will meet you again
 Where? How? I do not know -
 maybe as a bit in your imagination
 I will come to your canvas
 or like a cryptic line you draw,
 silently, keep gazing
 at you.

 Or like the ray of the sun
 I will mix in your colours,
 and sitting in their arms, become
 that which you draw.
 I do not know how or where
 but I will meet you

 Maybe I will be a spring
 and like water, fly to the wind -
 those droplets of water, I will
 rub on your body, and
 like a coolness, I will
 lie on your chest.
 I don't know much
 but this I know,
 in time, when I go,
 all I have done will go

 and when this body goes
 everything goes,
 but the threads of memories
 are like the atoms in the universe,
 I will cherry-pick those atoms,
 weave those threads
 and I will meet you again.

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