Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I like my Hindutva boys

The other day I waited for a
friend at the bus-stop, 30 min,
40 minutes, one hour, till I
ended up quite a sulker, I
cursed she should land up
with a man like Golwalkar;
this be my curse - she will
take a shine to this guy,
who second in line in RSS,
said in 1939, of Hitler - no
less! - that he was "a good
lesson for us in Hindustan
to learn and profit by," see
this is why I like my local
Hindutva boys, they make
my curses easy, my abuses
come breezy to me, like the
other day, this guy was late
for our date, grrrrr, but I did
not have to go far to channel
my hate, Hedgewar, the man
who founded the RSS in 1925,
who looked like a dumb goose
said "Hindustan is for Hindus,"
a man like this I cursed he'd be
with, so see, my lovely friends,
if next you're the one late, no
matter how much then you are
sweet and toady, I will wish you
in bed with Mr. Modi.


Anonymous said...

Small nitpick - It is Hedgewar.

*slinks away*

Akhil Katyal said...

Thanks anonymous! You're right. Made the change. Who do I owe this to?