Monday, May 5, 2014

'The dark' - Rahul Rai

tr. from Rahul Rai's Hindi poem 'Andhera'

The dark is not just in the cracks
on the corner 

                             but also in all this

talk of light, 

                             not only in unheard

distances but also in this nearness.

And as I was thrown this

way and that,
                           worn down
I made everything so thick
so dense that things were then 
                                                              almost dry

but then a bird came from the sky

and started poking at me,
                        dropping bits from its beak,
                        and I gathered them
                                                                 one by one;

And as we talked - I listened & he'd speak 
                                    he deceived me,
I, unheeding, kept on hearing,
listening to his every word 
                                                      and he kept on
                                                      nibbling at my trust.

I had an inkling, 

then it became clear,
                                 that this time was against me
                                 was it I out of step with my time?

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