Thursday, February 19, 2015

Not everyone's going to love you

if you raise your voice, there'll
be those who will hate your guts,
who'll want to shut you up, there'll
be those who'll think you too rigid,
who'll ask you to "not over-react"
despite the fact that you might be
mourning murder, shouting fair,
such people will always be there,
not everyone's going to shake your
hands, or hold them, or even meet
your eye, not everyone's going to
love you when you do right by the
world, and thank god for that, for
it leaves those worth your eyes, it
leaves wheat in the world, it leaves
those worth your trembling fingers,
it leaves gold, it leaves those who'll
hold you, who're worth your fight,
who'll sit with you and stand by you,
& whose love, when it comes, will be
moonlight, whose love, when it comes,
will be moonlight.

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