Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Now people see me as grown-up;

at university, they ask me questions and
put me into ‘committees’, my land-lady
asks me to give tuitions to her sons, and
now, when I see those kids, I think of them
as ‘kids’. Now people see me as grown-up
and they steal half my sky; when they talk,
they have that suspicion or matter-of-factness
reserved for adults, and it eats into me that
I still think of people my own age as always
somehow older. Even my anger is now so
grown-up, it's edge does not wash away
easily as it used to, and regret vinegars
many evenings. But all this is so odd, it is
so insane, ‘coz in my head I am still 19,
flying for the first time & fumbling with my
seat-belt on the plane, and, in my head, I
still don't know love & there’re yellow stripes
on my sweater, and I don’t know any better.

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