Monday, May 11, 2015

Mr. Mishra cannot shit

without his morning newspaper
& until all the articles are read 
& rated, a good big shit remains 
awaited, and today's a particular 
problem - Mr. Mishra's travelling 
on a train and is constipated. He 
is cursing spicy food and all the 
headlines, as a small, stony pellet
drops slowly - the pain is unholy! -
first at the New Delhi railway station, 
& despite his cursing & frustration 
the next one takes all the way till 
Tilak Bridge (the news gets no better,
just columnists' idle chatter) till one 
last long, painful pebble comes out 
of him at Anand Vihar and drops 
down on the train tracks, and Mr. 
Mishra almost shouts, as the pain 
wracks him, he promises his cook, 
his work, his world some serious 
avenging, reading the last headline: 
"In reply to the petitioner's PIL, the 
Indian railways ministry denies the 
presence of manual scavenging."

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