Monday, July 27, 2015

And one day

"from beating,
my heart will stop,"

and no turn
will ever take me,

no iron will
melt into the streets

and the night
 - between Raspail
and Vaugirard -
will forsake me,

one day,
all memory will
be water

and long walks
would not do the trick,

need will no longer be
a shirt to wear at will,

and then, when I'll need-like-breathing,
no one will be on the fringes

folks will matter

even a passer-by will

little colours
washing up in the city,
little rivers sinking
into skin,

people, willing,

and I wouldn't know what to do

except to take to my heart
every thing they say,

one day.

(thanks to Jacques Dutronc)

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